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magdalena dukiewicz

born in Warsaw, Poland

lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

I am interested in phenomena that run our world, general concepts that I can relate to and translate to a visual representation. I am trying to describe them, or rather visualize my understanding of those processes. I would say that what brings me to this idea is simply a curiosity of how the universe works and what is our role and place in it, our relation with each other and with nature. This need that we probably all have, to comprehend the universe just a little bit better. For me the most natural way is through visual representation. Materials I am using are just a natural consequence.

Generally my works revolve around the binomial art-nature; exploring topics such as transhumanism and posthumanism but also current issues in socio-politics. I believe that the premise behind my work is very timely. I use organic materials like hydrolyzed collagen, bones, squid ink, hair and blood among others; sometimes also found materials. Pieces are fragile and meant to deconstruct and finally decomposed. The Performativity of each piece is part of the completion of both the creative cycle and life cycle (since this is a reuse of organic material that will be back in nature). Ecology is an important part of my statement - my sculptures leave no waste. Sometimes I even reuse the artworks themselves to create a new one.

I like the contrast between material and appearance. I have an interest in playing with materials that are culturally charged with meaning. Those esthetically sublime installations often confuse audience members who do not expect body fluids being use as an art material. Intrigued by the form and led by curiosity, they tend to touch them and often end up disgusted by the material. I like to mixed materials coming from human and animal, highlighting the fact that we are all just part of nature, even though I perversely name some of my sculptures Bastards. On the top of it is the idea of using my own blood. It is a very bizarre feeling, which creates an intimate relation with artwork. I literally become a part of my works.