With a multidisciplinary approach my practice is a combination of material experimentation and method. I use organic materials like hydrolyzed collagen, bones, soil, hair, and blood among others, in combination with found materials. I play with those culturally and politically charged bodily products and recontextualizes them into works of art, exploring how their perceptions linked to the changing contexts. Through the use of atypical materials outside of the sculptural norm I resist a trend-driven system and undermine a monetary value of the art works as luxury goods. My installations are bound with the idea of temporality and constant transformation. They aim to engage several important issues, consumerism, environment, gender, and identity, including notions of “other” and “self” in reference to a multicultural concept, politics, and migration. I choose materials for their innate characteristics base on the topic I explore. Each piece provokes visceral reactions while playfully welcoming open-ended associations and ambiguities.

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